Guest Posting Policy

Thank you for your interest in writing a guest post for Budget and the Beach. I welcome almost all ideas related to personal finance that would be entertaining and valuable to my readers. Please look over my guest post policy:

  • You should have your own website where you make regular blog posts.
  • Posts should be between 500-900 words.
  • Your post should contain original content, not posted elsewhere.
  • Your post may contain up to two links, but no affiliate links or links to businesses selling a product or service (please see my Advertise Here page for more information about sponsored posts).
  • I don’t mind reviewing your post for spelling and grammar, but have you seen my writing? Are you sure you want me to do that? :) What I’m saying is do your best to proofread your post.
  • Include an image if possible (but make sure it’s your own or you have permission). I can provide an image as well.
  • Please be willing to interact with commenters on the post.
  • Promote your post by broadcasting it on your social networking sites.

Please run your ideas by me at budgetandthebeach *at* hotmail *dot* com. We reserve the right to edit posts before publishing.

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